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Majority of Humanity is Role Playing

This concept comes from a book called “ Unplugged” by Latrell Garnett.

“ Humans are role playing because they are growing up to repeat exactly what their parents did — go to school, go to more school, to pay off school, to have luxurious things, to have no-so luxurious things, to pay off more debt, to have a family and grow old, only to realize how unfilled their life has been”

This quotation means they are literally repeating the cycle of the lifestyle they have been taught to live. WORK, EAT, SLEEP & REPEAT. They are playing a role that they’ve been taught; even if it doesn’t resonate with their true being. They play to role to appease to others and to fulfill others views of them.

Furthermore, “ so many people’s dreams, ambitions, and even hopes revolve around the idea of working to live.” A lot of people see their dream life as having their dream job and working a 9-5 (30+ years) until retirement. Them working is basically their life dream but it’s so much more to life than just working to live.

“Majority of humanity isn’t actually living, not fully. We have these dreams because we have been taught to have them and we are scared to let them go”. People are living a LIE. They aren’t living for themselves; they are living for others. We are pursuing to be a certain profession because it was someone’s in the family dream to be it, your parents want you to continue the legacy and the list goes on. In addition, sometimes in your childhood you are taught to pursue certain dreams/careers and we feel like when we don’t pursue them we will be an outcast to the family. Which leads us until doing something we don’t like because we are scared to do what we love since it’s not what others want for us.

So ask yourself, are you role playing and if so what areas? Would you like to change the role your playing and how so?


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