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Locus of Control

The locus of control is the degree to which you believe you have control over your life.

Did you know there are two types? ( internal locus control and external locus control)

Internal Locus Control means that you have motivation from the inside. Knowing that despite the obstacle; you’ll come out on top due to the effort and hard work you put forward. You don’t look towards things you can’t control because you know it’s way more important to focus on the things you can control. You know that you control your own destiny.

You make things happen

I control my destiny

For example, you have complete control over how much hard work/effort you put into a task. Which will determine the results you get.

External Locus Control means that you have external motivation. Your motivation comes from things that you can’t control and you believe that factors outside from what you can control is the reason why you do so well. You let’s others or things control your destiny.

Things happen to me

They control my destiny

However, this style of motivation can deplete your willpower and motivation over time because when we feel like we can’t control things, we start to give in. Inside of looking internal for motivation; we magnify our problems by stressing over them. Which starts to deplete your motivation and at the end have you feeling useless.

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