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Life Skills We Need

  1. Cooking

  2. Gardening & Harvesting

  3. Problem-Solving

  4. Relationships

  5. Confrontation

  6. Sewing

  7. Knitting

  8. Fishing

  9. Hunting

  10. Connecting & Building a relationship with the Creator

  11. Building/Craftmanship

  12. Camping/Hiking

  13. Survival Tactics

  14. Building/Making a fire

  15. Self — Defense

  16. Creativity

  17. Teamwork

  18. Critical Thinking

  19. Communication

  20. Resilience

  21. Decision Making

  22. Self Management

  23. Optimistic

  24. Life Balance

  25. Emotional Control

  26. Basic First Aid

  27. Jump Start A Car

  28. Change a Tire/ Change Oil/

  29. Basic Home Repair

  30. How to use a map

  31. Cope with failure

  32. Cooperation

  33. Negotiation

  34. Empathy

What other skills do you think we all need?

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