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Less Money = More Problems

As mentioned earlier this week for #DidyouknowMondays — there are a quarter of Americans or more that live paycheck to paycheck.

  1. 43% households have $1k or less in savings

  2. 60% don’t pay their credit card balances each month

With this being said, I feel that the less money you have the more problems you face. I say this because nowadays the price of supplies and necessities are skyrocketing. Which is making is harder and harder for individuals making minimum wage to survive.

Now surviving is relating back the theory “survival of the fittest” which means that only the strong will survive.

Additional Problems You Face When Making You’re Not Making Enough Income 2 Survive

  1. Stress; which is a silent killer

  2. Sickness and Diseases because of you having to eat low quality nutritional food due to not being able to afford high quality foods

  3. Anxiety; due to you dealing with multiple problems at once

  4. Mental Sickness due to you having negative thought patterns which makes you feel stuck

We as beings need to work on how to bridge the tremendous pay gap in today’s society and work on equal/fair/equity opportunities.

Less Money = More Problems

P.S if you’re wondering why I choose “American Dad” as the cover. I recommend watching the episode ” Less Money, Mo’ Problems”

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