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Kanye’s Rally Takeaways

Public Service Announcement: I don’t vouch for voting because as we see; voting really never changes anything. Plus you are voting for two of the lesser evils; both sides are evil, demonic and satanic. In addition, they are just puppets who are told what to do. HOW are all the presidents related? But I can go a day on that subject, here are the takeaways.

  1. We are all Equal in God’s Eyes

  2. Sometimes people are controlled by demons or controlled by their environment

  3. There are no bad people only lost people

  4. There is no such thing as an illegal immigrant

  5. Planned Parenthood is Bad (the bible says, “thou shall not kill”) God wants us to create. Despite your situation (pregnancy) God will make a way. Society brainwashes us to think God won’t make away if we had the baby.

  6. You can’t lead without listening

  7. (FUNNY ALERT) I backstroke though backlash

  8. When a baby concepted, it is real at that moment

  9. Politics, America or anything in this world can/will not FREE us only thing that can FREE us is by doing the laws of God

  10. Mass incarceration is modern slavery in 2020

  11. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people

  12. The earth is a giant generator – Nikola Telsa

  13. God has given us freedom (Earth, Wind & Fire)

  14. 99% of things that go wrong in your life is your fault

  15. Any time negative energy comes your way you had to open the door for it

  16. Reality TV shows are the furthest thing from reality

  17. SUCCESS isn’t just earthly riches (money, what the world deems success) because one man’s level of success may be different rom the next

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