Jet Planes = Bad Sleep

Jet planes are beneficial to us in many ways, especially with helping us travel to our location faster than normal.

However, their are some cons to this LUXURY.

Jet planes offers us the ability to speed through time zones faster than our circadian rhythm clock (24 hour internal clock) could ever adjust or keep up with.

Jets cause a biological time lag AKA JET LAG

In return, we feel exhausted and sleepy during the day because our circadian rhythm clock hasn’t made that adjustment. It still thinks you’re in the same location.

  1. If you’re traveling eastward, that requires you to fall asleep earlier than you normally would, which would be hard for the mind to comprehend

  2. If you’re traveling westward, that requires you to stay up later, which is fairly easier.

West or East jet lag, places a tortuous physiological strain on the brain, and a deep biological stress upon the cells, organs, and major systems of the body

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