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Invisible forces causing you to EAT

Eating is a necessity; but did you know that there are other forces that draw you to eat besides hunger.

Most of the time you aren’t aware of which force you are been driven by; which could bring havoc in your life if you are just letting these invisible forces overwhelm you.

So what are the invisible forces?

  1. Emotional needs

  2. Taste

  3. Aroma

  4. Appearance

  5. Texture

Emotional needs — you aren’t hungry; however you are eating to suppress your emotions which will cause more harm down the line (weight gain, obesity, diabetes, etc)

Taste — these plays a big role in today’s society; especially since we are just feeding ourselves rather than our cells. We are eating for taste; so if it doesn’t taste good then we don’t consume.

Aroma — smell is key; you’re definitely not going to consume anything that smells like a dead skunk. When you smell food; your taste buds get excited which starts to create salvia which means your tongue is ready to help break down the food.

Appearance — this plays a big role too since we eat with our eyes. Hence, why everyone is so quick to snap a picture of their food for the GRAM. We definitely love when our foods looks delicious. It it looks good then it taste good… #maybe

Texture — the way the food feels when it hits the tastebuds is key especially for some. Also, texture goes along with the appearance because texture deals with the feel/appearance of a substance.

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