Institutional Oppression


  1. People with disabilites have higher rates of unemployment, poverty, and homelessness

  2. The deinstiutionalization of the mental health system in the 80s has led to the incarceration of people with experiences labeled as mental illness


  1. Studies have found that wealthy districts have three times as many supermarkets as poor ones do, and that urban residents who purchase groceries at small neighborhood stores pay between 3-37% more than suburbanites buying the same products at supermarkets

  2. In most of the US, schools are funded by property taxes, resulting in poor and low income youth attending schools that recieve much as little as 50% of the funding per pupil as schools in wealth districts

  3. Interest rates are based on previous credit, as well as accumulated wealth. RESULT: people with the least money to spare end up paying the highest interest on money borrowed through credit cards, loans, etc.


  1. Masculine voices dominating in meetings, in terms of time, volume, higher esteem

  2. Women often do unrecognized, undervauled work: taking notes at meetings, recognizing and appreciating people’s work, taking care of co-workers, childcare, clean up, etc

  3. Gobally men are dominate well-esteemed and well-paid industries (science, political, leadership) and in the US women earn approximately 3/4 of what men earn in a lifetime


  1. Black men and boys incarcerated at 6x times the rate of white men and boys in the US

  2. Instructing sales personnel to follow people of color to make sure they don’t steal

  3. People of color are paid less than white people for equivalent jobs and education rates, 33% of African American children, 29% of Native American and 28% of Latino children live below the poverty line ($20,650 for a family of four in 2017), compared to a 9.5% of white children.

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