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Inside Gifts

We take our Inside Gifts for granted. You may be wondering what our inside gifts are and how you are taking them for granted.

Your inside gifts are the those amazing characteristics/traits that GOD has blessed you with.

  1. Patience

  2. Humility

  3. Intuition

  4. Patience

  5. Honesty

  6. Understanding

  7. Kindness

  8. Acceptance

  9. Courage

  10. Faith

  11. Love

  12. The list goes on…..and on….. and on……

It’s these gifts that help us blossom into the person we want to be. Some people aren’t blessed with these gifts and even if they are they take them for granted; not knowing how powerful these gifts truly are.

Instead of focusing on the material gifts like:

  1. House

  2. Car

  3. Clothes

  4. Appliances

Let’s focus on the internal gifts rather than the external gifts. The gifts that won’t lose value, the gifts that won’t depreciate over time, the gifts that can not only change your life but other beings life’s as well.

Ask yourself

What gifts do you have & how are you using your gifts?

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