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Individual Oppression


  1. Using words like “crazy, stupid, lame, gimp, words that equate disability with brokenness

  2. Not looking people with disabilities in the eye when passing them on the sidewalk, talking to them, etc.


  1. An individual believing that poor and low income people don’t want to eat healthy

  2. Talking to a poor or low income person as though they are less intelligent.

Gender Binary

  1. Parent gender policing their child: “Boys don’t cry”, “girls don’t get dirty”, “toughen up”, “don’t play with that truck, doll, etc.


  1. A feminine person feeling afraid of wearing feminine clothes, or showing skin, and instead feeling a need to wear more masculine clothes in order to gain respect or avoid harassment at work.

  2. Using words like bitch, girls, or pussy in a way that equates femininity with weakness or wrongness.


  1. Someone crossing the street or locking their doors when a Black man is walking towards them

  2. Acting defensive and interpreting it as personal attack when a Person of Color points out racism as it is happening.

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