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Immune System = Gut Health

You’ve heard the saying: you are what you eat What you put inside your body affects your GI (gastrointestinal tract) which is your insides direct link to the outside world.

DID YOU KNOW: your GI tract acts as a filter because it decides what gets access into the bloodstream and what has to keep moving out the exit.

Furthermore, the GI plays a critical role in the function of the immune system.

DID YOU KNOW: your immune system is greatly determined by your gut health. So if you are indulging in poor nutrient foods; these foods are creating a toxic gut which transfers into a toxic immune system which welcomes sickness into your life.

Every bite you take determines your overall well-being of your immune system. You are either adding life or taking life with every bite you take.

BTW, a lifestyle filled with nutrient-deficient foods plus an influx of pro-inflammatory and pro-oxidative compound destroys your body overtime. All this begins with the first bite.

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