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IDK is the most commonly used (3 word phrase)

Saying “ I don’t know” is the only way that you’re open to learning. It could be a phrase to project curiosity.

However, most individuals don’t want to say the phrase “ I don’t know” because they feel like they must know everything and them not knowing the answer to the question asked could mean they aren’t as knowledgeable as they say.

I say that you won’t have the answers to everything. I repeat; you don’t have the answers, SWAY! (Lol, I had to use that). But serious, there are things you won’t know and that’s okay. However, not knowing can be the first step into knowing.

A saying that one of my college professors would say is “ I don’t know but I would like/love to learn”. So by using that phrase it means that despite not knowing the information; you are opening to learning the information.

Individuals aren’t opening to learning the information that they don’t know. They feel like if they don’t know it then it’s not important to know. It’s just ego filled.

So next time someone ask you a question that you don’t know; tell them you don’t know. If you want to know; do your research and now you can come back to the question with the answer. PROBLEM SOLVED

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