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How juice “concentrate” is made? Is it really nutritional?

Juice concentrate is made through an industrial process that is highly variable, including any of all of the following steps: peeling the fruit, thereby removing much of the beneficial fiber; removing the bitter compounds; adjusting the sweetness through varietal blending; and evaporating the water out of the juice. These process results in what is known within the industry as “stripped juice”, which is basically pure sugar, almost entirely devoid of the fiber, flavors, aroma, and or any of the other attributes we associate with real fruit. The concentrate is basically reduced to just another form of sugar, with NO NUTRITIONAL BENEFIT over table sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. Basically, it’s value lies in the image of fruit that it retains.

So remember when you go into these stores and see juices and other drinks noted with the slogan “ 70% concentrate” just know that it’s basically 70% sugar. Since they remove all the nutritional value from the fruit during this process; what’s the true value of this drink?

They only use this slogan because it helps their products sell. You wouldn’t buy something that said 70% Sugar but you would buy something that said 70% Fruit Concentrate because it sounds like that should be healthy. They are playing psychological games with your mind; that’s why it’s best to do your research before you buy.


  1. Buy a blender and cheesecloth to make your own fruit juice

  2. But 100% fruit juice — eliminate drinks that contain concentrate inside them

  3. Drink more water

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