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You always here relatives/friends/parents saying “ it takes 21 days to make it a habit”

I couldn’t count on my hands and toes, how many times I heard that saying.

However, I always wondered about it, and questioned if it was actually TRUE‼️

So many questions would flow through my head as a kid:

1. Is this an actual fact?

2. How can I test this out?

3. Who knows about this?

I was determined to find this out!

Years later, I had experience to validate the old saying. IT WAS TRUE‼️

Doing something for 21 days makes it become a habit. It becomes natural, just like walking, running, breathing, eating and many more acts.

Now you may be thinking, How does it create success?

You ever heard of the sayings:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

2. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

That is a FACT‼️‼️

If you start creating daily habits that will help you get toward your goal‼️

Then it’s like MAGIC HAPPENS 🔮🕺🏽

You start to notice your success, and how the things you did on a daily helped you reach success‼️

We are what we REPEATEDLY DO!

Success is not an action but aHABIT‼️

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