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Glycemic Index v. Glycemic Load

Glycemic refers to glucose or sugar in the blood. High glycemic foods cause the blood sugar to rise tremendously compared to lower glycemic foods.

Glycemic Index: How quickly blood sugar levels in the blood rise after eating food

Per Serving:

  1. High Glycemic Index: 70 or more

  2. Medium Glycemic Index: 56 – 69

  3. Low Glycemic Index: 55 or less

Glycemic Load: How much each gram of carbohydrates in food raises blood glucose levels

Per Serving:

  1. High Glycemic Load: 20 or more

  2. Medium Glycemic Load: 11 – 19

  3. Low Glycemic Load: 10 or less

For example, carrots are high glycemic index which makes people think they will rise the blood sugar tremendously, however the glycemic load is only 6.

Unless you are eating tons of carrots than you don’t have to worry about the impact on your blood glucose levels. You only worry about that when you are juicing.

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