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Most of us — including me — forget to give GOD his glory, his props, his praise for changing us, freeing us, saving us, delivering us, growing us, redeeming us, and MUCH MORE.

We always think that we got into situations because of our hard work, sacrifices, connections, money, status and etc. However, even if that’s true; don’t forget that God played a tremendous role into you being where you are now. Even if you aren’t where you want to be at the moment. Remember that God allowed everything to happen for a reason; it could be so you could draw closer to him, so he could show his mercy, show you how great he is, and much more.

We need to give GOD his praise! We aren’t doing this all by ourselves; even if we want to think so. Also, God always some bad things to happen to you too because sometimes that’s the only way to get people attention. When our life is AMAZING; we don’t give GOD any place like we got to that place all by ourselves. Don’t forget that GOD allowed that to happen. However; when we are down and bad and facing trials and tribulations that’s when we turn to GOD and that sometimes is the only time we do so. We need to learn to praise GOD during the good times and bad times because both are beneficial and both come with lessons and blessings. You have to see the blessing in the curse.

For example; I’m thankful that GOD has changed me into the person I am now and that he gave me the strength to be courageous, speak my truth, and that’s he spared my life when I was in a car wreck not so long ago; I could have easily been died but I walked out of the car wreck with no pain or any kind of harm. My car was totaled but my life was spared; THANK YOU LORD! We forget those times when the lord has been good to you; that’s why it’s important to remember those times so you want get a hardened heart and lack faith/belief in the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank GOD for the people he brought into my life to bless me with a new bike when my bike was ransacked and my pieces were stolen. Because we forgot that GOD works through people too. Satan does too; see how demons use people as vessels to work their magic. God uses people too; so he can do his deeds.

I am just GRATEFUL. I am BLESSED! I hope everyone is able to realize the POWER of GOD!

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