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Ginger Superpowers!

*information obtained from Eight Weeks to Optimum Health by Andrew Weil, M.D

DID YOU KNOW: from ancient times, doctors in both China and India regarded ginger as a superior medicine, adding it to combination remedies for its tonifying and spiritually uplifting properties.

Ginger is known for its warming effect and ability to stimulate digestion, settle upset stomachs, and relieve aches and pains.

Ginger Compress (well-known in Japan): grated fresh ginger mixed with a little hot water, spread on a clean cloth, and applied to any part of the body that is sick or hurting. Make sure it’s covered with hot clothes and changed frequently. It’s be said that this method is known to draw toxins, infection, and even malignant growth to the surface of the body, where it can be discharged.

DID YOU KNOW: a great deal of medical research; much from Japan and Europe, has documented remarkable therapeutic effects of ginger and its components.

All About Ginger

  1. 400+ compounds known to contribute to the plants fragrance, taste, and biological activity

  2. It has tremendous effects on the digestive system

  3. It improves the digestion of proteins

  4. Is an effective treatment for nausea and motion sickness

  5. Strengthens the mucosal lining of the upper GI tract in a way that protects against the formation of ulcers

  6. Wide range of actions against intestinal parasites

  7. Affect the synthesis and deployment of a group of biological response moderators called eicosanoids, which mediate healing and immunity.

  8. Ginger tones the circulatory system and has anti-cancer effects, blocking the ability of some carcinogens to cause mutations in DNA

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