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Fresh Start Challenge

Starting January 1, 2020 I will not be listening to any MUSIC whatsoever! NO MUSICA NADA!

The purpose of this challenge is to help inform individuals on the power of music. Since most of us don’t know how powerful music really is.

Music can make you mad, happy, sad, eager, and just have you go through the wheel of emotions.

DID YOU KNOW: Music is a form of Food. It’s a form of food because what you feed your 5 senses will manifest into your life. When your listening to music your using your ears; which feeds your brain which feeds your mind and creates your thoughts.

So if you’re listening to a lot of toxic music; do you think it have a good or bad effect on you?


  1. No Music

  2. No Instrumentals

  3. Only Podcast, Affirmations, Nature Sounds, Healing Frequency (meaning like high hertz), Motivational Speeches/Talks & Podcasts

This will also be a good time to not listen to anything and practice being in the presence.


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