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In the gym, too many individuals focus on REPS and don’t focus enough on FORM.

I understand that you want to increase your reps or increase your weight, but I don’t think that should be the main focus. The main focus should be making sure you are completing the exercise correctly.

Why lift 225lbs – 25 times If your form was bad for half the reps?

We must understand that once you get your form correctly, your reps and weights will naturally increase. You don’t have to force yourself to do more weight or more reps. It’s best to focus on making sure your form is A1 sauce and then start to slowly adding reps or weights.

When you focus more on REPS/WEIGHTS you are more prone to injuries. You may ask “How am I prone to injuries when I focus more on reps/weights rather than form”?

That’s because when you’re lifting weights, your body looks for areas to store the tension you created when lifting those weights.

For example,

  1. In a Deadlift, if you were to round you’re back; your body immediately sends the tension to the area where you rounded your back which leads to a injury

  2. In a Squat, if you push your knees over your toes, the tension goes to the knees which in time leads to a knee injury


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