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Food or Bills

Lately, I’ve been coming to realization of today’s world. So many people are having to make the choice of buying food or paying bills 4 the week or month.

I feel like people shouldn’t have to choice between having food to live or having a place to stay.

So when people are having to make that choice, most of them pick bills because they feel like they need a place to stay.

So instead of getting the best food, they go buy cheap/low nutritional/toxic foods which in times harms their body.

Questions I Have

  1. Why is RENT so high?

  2. Why is HEALTHY FOOD OPTIONS like Organic Fruits,Vegetables so HIGH?

I say organic because they aren’t sprayed with harmful pesticides and they aren’t seedless so that means they weren’t made in a lab. It means it comes from Mother Nature herself.

  1. Why do we pay for Water, Fruits, Vegetables when Mother Nature provides us with TONS?

  2. Why don’t jobs pay fair wages?

Paying wages that are realistic and that won’t have people stressing about paying bills or buying food for the week.

  1. Most cities have minimum wages under $15 dollars but that’s nothing in today’s world when the cost of living is 2-4x the price.

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