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Fixed Medical Industry

*information obtained from Pastor Stephen Darby

Satan has fixed our medical industry to respond to symptoms.

The minute they see a certain number they start prescribing. The problem with that is; it could just be an out of balance in the body but they don’t let you get back in balance because they have already started prescribing medication.

Once they start prescribing, the medicine creates another imbalance in the body.

WHY they killing all the natural killers who find cures to modern day illness and diseases?

The body is designed to heal itself.

They never treat the true issue. Doctors aren’t trained to heal; they are drug dealers/sorcerers whose job is to sell you dope and coincidentally they do it better than the people selling drugs on the street.

Doctors keep you alive but your quality of your life is destroyed.

Doctors love the reaction they get from you when telling you bad news and they love to prove you wrong.

You are the true doctors of your body. I REPEAT. You are the true doctors of your body


Chemotherapy kills people. You know when you get an X-Ray they coincidentally get behind a wall and they leave you there to get X-Ray. WHY you think they hiding behind the wall? Cause it’s radiation; they don’t want it in their body. What do you think the radiation is doing to your body…… it’s killing you.

Public Service Announcement

I am not saying Doctors are evil; they are just trained wrong. They are trained by drug-killers like Merrick who train doctors to prescribe drugs so the doctors basically become drug dealers.

Investigate what you take!

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