Family Talks

I feel that it’s important for US to talk to our family members; especially the ones with history. For example, I am always talking to my Uncle Sam or my Grandma because I am looking to learn from them. They have so many stories and lessons they can share with me, and maybe if I’m listening more than I’m talking I could learn something.

I feel like everyone elders usually love talking or reminiscing on the past. So that’s the time for younger generations to get to know the elders as well as learn from them as well.

Anyone who is 60+ is a walking history book.

They have so much history waiting to be shared; all you have to do is ask the first question.You’ll be able to a glimpse into their worldSee things from their perspectiveLearn about true history: since they actually experienced it themselves

However as mentioned earlier, you’ll have to listen more than you talk.

  1. Meaning a lot of us (even me sometimes) talk more than I listen

  2. We got two ears, so we should be listening more than we talk

  3. Listening and Hearing is too different things

  4. Listening will build connections ; Hearing will destroy them

Now with that being said, everyone need to go visit their Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncles, Aunts and any one with wisdom so they can learn, connect and grow.

  1. Learn their history

  2. Connect with their family

  3. Grow as an individual

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