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False Gods

A god is defined as anything to which we ascribe the power to deliver us. These gods are who we turn to for deliverance when in time of need/crisis.

Westerners have own set of false gods — sources which they turn for deliverance when in times of crisis or need:

  1. Money

  2. Health insurance

  3. Medical treatment/prescriptions

  4. Social security

  5. Retirement plans and IRA’s

  6. Credit cards/consolidation loans

  7. Drugs/alcohol

  8. Pleasure/entertainment/recreation/sports

  9. Sex

  10. Friends (to deliver us from loneliness)

  11. Counselor

  12. Lawsuits

  13. Filing bankruptcy

Everywhere we turn, the gods of our culture are promoting their powers. Television commercials promote the many alternatives for relief. “ Try me! Let me heal your pain. I am your answer. Look no further. Come to me, and I will deliver you.”

These FALSE GODS are turning us from the one true power which is God and our savior Jesus Christ. God is the only one we need to turn to in time of crisis or need. We (including myself) need to let go of these false gods because it’s an abomination to the Lord.

Do you see any false gods you use for deliverance in times of crisis/need? Which ones are willing let go now?

Relying on these Gods making us believe that God isn’t real because we use all these other false gods to deliver us when we need to rely on him.

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