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Fail 2 Plan = Plan to Fail

I saw this title inside a book & I thought that it was definitely worthy of a blog post.

I’m 50/50 with this quote.

One side of me feels that Planning is beneficial. As the say, proper preparation prevents poor performance. Which I agree with; I know that when you are truly prepared everything will flow like water. When you are prepared; you won’t get so stuck in certain positions because your preparation would have helped you see those events in advance. You’re preparation will help you adjust things if needed & it will help you prevent things from happening. For example, you prepared for the speaker not working so you brought your own speaker from home. Preparation helps you see potential problems that may come across in the future.

Preparation will help you set an outline of your goal. It will help you see where you are at, where you are going and where you came from.


Another side of me says something different. My other half feels that preparation could be taking away from the full experience. I say that because; we are meant to experience some things because those things will help us learn/grow and without those things we wouldn’t have learned that thing that become beneficial to us later down the road. Not being prepared; now you are learning what happens when you’re not prepared. You’re learning all sorts of things.

I still believe that preparation is beneficial; I just feel that it’s not beneficial in all areas of life. Sometimes you got to let things FLOW.

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