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Environmental Toxins

Chemical pollutants can effect the regulation of weight in a number of ways. From the pesticides used in food production to the chemicals used by the plastic industry such as phthalates and bisphenol A, which are harmful synthetic substances that find their way into the human body daily; which slowly alter the body’s ability to function properly.

These toxins can cause inflammation, provoke the body’s stress response, damage thyroid operation, promote insulin resistance, and impair your metabolism which leads to obesity.

Environmental chemicals absorbed by a mother during pregnancy negatively affect her baby’s birth weight and psychological function, and also promotes gene malfunction.

DID YOU KNOW: Both phthalates and the toxins found in cigarettes can disrupt the normal horomonal development of a fetus, which contributes to childhood obesity.

  1. There was a study done by the Environmental Working Group which noted the presence of 287 toxins in the umbilical cord

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