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Ecclesiastes 1:18

For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow. — King James Version

There are many ways to translate this saying.

My interpretation of this saying is; the more wise you become and the more knowledge you obtain, than the more you will grieve and sorrow. You may ask why is that; why I am grieving and sorrowing when I increase my wisdom and knowledge?

I feel that this happens because now you’ll be aware of the corruption, deception, chaos and ungodly things taken place in this world. You will grieve for those who are hurt, killed and destroyed in this world and you will also cry out for those as well.

I feel that since mass media has showed us so much destruction and chaos done to others; we have become numb to the pain of others. We can watch movies and tv shows where people heads are chopped off, people taken from this families and all and don’t feel a thing. These movies have truth in them; they just put them in a form of entertainment to distract you from the real problem we face.

So what do you think this saying means; what’s your interpretation of this verse?

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