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Doing v. Trying

One word I am working on eliminating out of my vocabulary is the world TRY. You may be asking why do you want to eliminate the word TRY. I would answer with because the word TRY isn’t beneficial to no one or nothing. It’s not really a answer because at the end of the day; you will either do something or you won’t. There’s no try.

As soon as we say that we are “trying” to do something, we build into our intention the potential for failure, or, at the very least, limited success. When we say that we are “doing” something, it sets us up to succeed right out of the gate.

In addition, there is a big difference between doing and trying to do something.

  1. Doing: Determined — meaning you are determined to do whatever you are going to do. I am going to do these (I’m going to get these done no matter what; so you are determined to accomplish the task no matter your circumstances)

  2. Trying: Attempting — meaning you will attempt to do something but if things get too tough than you won’t attempt it anymore. You aren’t determined when you are trying; you are just testing the waters. However, I could rebuttal and say, it’s better to try than not to try. If you want to accomplish a certain goal, I would say it’s better to attempt it but then now I’m thinking that it would better to be determined because your mindset determines your outcome. You going in there with a determined mindset will be way better than a trying mindset.

What are your thoughts on doing v. trying? Share your thoughts below and if you feel that this post is beneficial; then share it with others.

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