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Die on E

I heard this saying from Eric Thomas and it’s been a huge driving force for me.

His slogan: Die on E

Now when you hear this, what comes to mind for you?

I hope you’re not stressing about physical death because if you haven’t been told it’s an illusion. We are spiritual beings having a human experience so we can never die. Energy can never be destroyed or created; only transformed.

But back to the topic.

This slogan means what it says; DIE ON E meaning to not having any dreams, goals, ambitions or anything left behind when you transition.

The richest place in this world is the graveyard and you may be thinking how so. And that’s because that’s where all the dreams, goals, ambitions are left behind. So it’s essential for you to DIE ON E. Don’t leave behind any goals, dreams or ambitions. Pursue all your desires; even if you fail. At least you went after it.

I live this quote because:

  1. I don’t limit myself or box myself in

  2. I pursue all my ideas | because how I see it; it came to me for a reason

  3. I do things outside my comfort zone which pushes me to pursue more of my dreams, goals or ambitions

  4. I am constantly learning and growing so I can be better equipped with the skills I need to make all my dreams a reality

I am a Chef, Author, Youtuber, Blogger, Personal Trainer, Coach

Soon to be movie writer, investor, and many more

I am not saying this to brag. If you know me then you know I’m humble and know I am not a fan of bragging. I say this to show you someone who is doing what they are talking about, I am doing this to be a light among darkness, to be an inspiration to others, to pave the way and just help others in anyway possible.

I am no different from anyone, we can all succeed and we can all win.

We all have special gifts and talents ; we just have to awaken them.

Don’t leave any dreams, goals, or ambitions behind; DIE ON E

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