Deceiving Doctors

There has been numerous times where doctors have came out to vouch for certain medications, certain food corporations/manufacturers and more. However, we only pay attention due to their credibility that the doctors hold in the public eyes.

Doctors are being paid by all types of corporations to vouch for their products because they know the masses will believe them. Despite, the harmful effects that certain products can have on our health; the doctors take the money and deceive us.

They are being bribed with money, vacations, food, and who else knows to deceive us. Many doctors are money focused and they won’t even take care of a person in need due to their lack of insurance. So why do we continue to let doctors deceive us; why don’t we take action into our own hand by paying attention to what we consume.

We don’t need medications because we have food. Your food is your medicine.

I PROMISE YOU AND IT’S A FACT — that if you consume the right foods; you’ll never get sick a day in your life. Been Vegan/Alkaline for almost 2 years and haven’t been sick since. We’ve been conditioned to turn to doctors for our health problems when in reality we should be turning to Nature. God has provided everything we need; so why take medicines. Because if you didn’t know the medicine is consisted of the food your should be consuming; they just add chemicals to keep you sick so you’ll be a customer forever. Healthcare is a BUSINESS! They don’t want you to recover; they want you to be a forever patient feeding their pockets and corporations.

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