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Cons of Working Out/Exercise 

1. Always Hungry 

Working out, you burn a lot of calories. You might always seem like your tummy is empty which may cause you to eat more. – eat snacks or protein shakes

2. Washing Clothes

Exercising will require you to wear more clothes unless you’re working out at home. This will increase your laundry load, because you have gym clothes to add to the basket.

3. Clothes Shrink or Too Big 

Your clothes will start to get small, especially if you’re gaining mass, but they will also get too big if you’re losing weight ( however, if you like buying clothes than it’s a Pro inside of a con)

4.  Spending money on supplements (monthly) *optional 

This is the hardest part. Spending. $100-150 a month on supplements. It’s a heart breaker but it’s worth it (depending on your supplements)

5. Meal Prep ( may be eating the same thing) 

This may get repetitive, however you have to stay consistent. Consistency is everything.

You can change it up though, there are tons of options!

6. Not getting to eat what your heart (stomach) desires | HALO EFFECT 

Make sacrifices throughout the week or throughout the month to not eat unhealthy food. Exercise is known to suppress appetite; however, many people use exercise as an excuse to indulge in unhealthy foods or big calorie splurges. When beginning an exercise program, be careful not to allow what’s known as the “halo effect” to derail all of your hard work at the gym. If you’re not careful, you could actually end up gaining weight from all those splurges that you think you’ve earned at the gym. Keep in mind that you’re exercising to improve your health, not so you can eat more.

7. Changes in Relationships

This is something many people don’t think about, but when you embark on a new healthy lifestyle habit like exercise, the other people in your life may not jump on board with you right away. One of the pitfalls of starting a new healthy habit is that the actions taken to improve your health may disrupt the flow of some of your relationships. To some, your new penchant for daily exercise may appear vain or selfish. Others may fear that it will take time away from them as you spend more time at the gym. They may think you’re not up for having fun with them anymore because you’re getting healthy. Or they may be jealous when you start looking and feeling so much better. Be sure to invite those in your life along for the journey. You can have more fun getting fit and can encourage others to improve their health and well-being too. Think of this as your opportunity to create a new healthy habit with those you love and you might be able to avoid this con entirely.

8. Increased Risk of Injury

If you’ve never exercised before, you may not know how to perform certain exercises properly, which can lead to injury. If you would like to start an exercise program, it’s best to consult your physician to ensure you are healthy enough to begin a program and then consult with a personal trainer or coach who can help you design a program specifically for you. These professionals can show you how to perform each exercise with proper form so you won’t get hurt.

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