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CON of Social Media

Before I start lashing out on social media (lol) and talk about the con of it. I will say that social media has been an advantage for me because I am able to impact, learn, grow and connect with others all over the world 🌎

However, the main con against social media is how it has put a distance in between human relations and interactions. The crazy thing is that beings seem like they don’t care.

I say this is a HUGE con because it takes away the human interaction. We are social creatures and we depend on building meaningful relationships with others. But with social media | it’s like people don’t value the human interaction anymore. They rather worry about how many likes, how many comments, who likes or dislikes my post and such more other nonsense.

With social media, people are looking at their phones 24/7 and they never have a real human interaction with another being. You’re dream partner, you’re next best friend, your business partner or whatever could be sitting right next to you and you would never know if you’re always in your phone.

My closing statement:

Use your phone and don’t let your phone use you.

Set limits on your phone.

Be present when talking to others and not looking in your phone (look them in their eyes)

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