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Clear Mind Fitness 5K

June 1 I decided to run in a 5K. Without doing any kind of training for it, and while sleeping only 4 hours before the event I did great and meet some amazing individuals as well.

On the day of the, I forgot my shoes at home so I had to run in foamposites. For all my non sneaker people, they are like space boots. They have some weight on them and they aren’t meant for running. But, it was either that or barefoot.

Besides the barriers, I placed 2nd in the event. I really wanted to see if I was still in good running shape and looks like I am. I’ll be posting the full video on my YouTube Channel TezFitness YouTube

Huge shoutout to Clear Mind Fitness and Chicago Heights Park District.

Go check out Clear Mind Fitness on Instagram/Twitter/ & Itunes. They have an very informational and impactful podcast on ITunes so I suggest giving that a listen.

As my dad would say,

Love, peace, and hair grease

Chips Ahoy and all them boys

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