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Have you ever noticed that CEOs of top food manufacturers/corporations, CEOs of social media or CEOs of technology companies | DON’T INDULGE IN THEIR PRODUCTS.

I repeat: CEOs Don’t Indulge In What They Sell

I wonder why the CEOs and other higher officials in these companies don’t indulge in the products or services that they sell the masses.

Do you think that would be light bulb or a warning sign? Like you created the product but you don’t use it or indulge in it. Now, you got me thinking like; why not?, is there something wrong with the product?, is there something occult about this product| you hiding something from me?

I just feel like if CEOs of these major corporations aren’t indulging in the things they are selling you, then that should be a light bulb to say that there’s something they aren’t telling you.

Research CEOs not indulging in their products and you’ll see a vast amount of corporations. For example. Steve Jobs banned his kids from using the iPad, and CEOs of top food manufacturers don’t even consume the things they sell. Is it because they are aware of the side effects?

As I leave, I tell you to: QUESTION EVERYTHING

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