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Breaking down the word (Break – Fast)

The word breakfast didn’t come into play until the 15 century.

Today we call the first meal of the day “BREAKFAST”. However, if you divided this compound word into two, you’ll see it’s made up of two words “Break” & “Fast”.

Meaning when you are having breakfast as your first meal of the day, you are literally breaking the fast that you’re body was in while you slept. The word “FAST” means to go without food.

Most people think this is the most important meal of the day, but in reality it really isn’t. As long as you are eating healthy throughout the day, you can literally skip this meal of the day.

My Routine:

I “FAST” until Noon. If I do eat, I eat fruits or drink a fruit smoothie or fruit juice as my breakfast. I drink water soon as I RISE, to wake my body up and to get my inside engines turning. Most times you’ll have a bowel movement after drinking water, and I think that is because you’re body wants to get those unused nutrients out your body.

I suggest you try “intermittent fasting” and see the benefits.

Don’t eat solid foods until after Noon. Don’t break your FAST!!

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