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Best Exercises To Bulk Up – Upper Body


  1. DB Bench Press

  2. Pushups (Incline, Decline, Plyometric)

  3. Chest Flys

  4. Chest Dips


  1. Shoulder Press

  2. Upright Cable Rows

  3. Lateral Raises

  4. Rear Delt Flys


  1. Planks

  2. Leg Lifts

  3. Bicycle Kicks

  4. Six Inches


  1. Lat Pulldowns

  2. Lay Pull-ups

  3. Shrugs


  1. Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press

  2. Triceps Pushdown

  3. Skull crushers

  4. Triceps Overhead Extension


  1. Lat Pulldowns

  2. Barbell Rows

  3. Deadlifts

  4. Wrist Roller

  5. Wrist Curls

  6. Reverse Curls


  1. Barbell Curls

  2. Cable Curls

  3. Isometric Holds

  4. Hammer Curl

  5. One Arm Curl

  6. Seated Curls


  1. Lat Pulldowns

  2. Single Arm Rows

  3. Wide Grip Pull-ups

  4. Reverse Pulldowns

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