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Best Exercises To Bulk Up – Lower Body


  1. Split Squats

  2. Side Leg Lifts

  3. Lunge Variations

  4. Clams

  5. Fire Hydrants

  6. Monster Walks


  1. Dumbbell Step Ups

  2. Front Squats

  3. Leg Extensions

  4. Back Squats

  5. Hack Machine

  6. Leg Press


  1. Deadlifts

  2. Good Mornings

  3. Glute Bridges

  4. Kettlebell One-Legged Deadlift

  5. Lying Leg Curls

Lower Back:

  1. Hyperextensions

  2. Bent Over Rows

  3. Superman’s


  1. Double-leg Calf Raises

  2. Single-leg Calf Raises

  3. Straight Leg Calf Raises

  4. Donkey Calf Raises

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