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Battling LUST

It’s sooooo HARD; I mean soooo TEMPTING. When you’re on the journey of being LUST FREE. BEWARE there are many ways that you can be LUSTFUL: for instance lust for power, sex, food, money, materials, the list goes on. It’s a battle everyday when you’re in this MEAT SUIT.

The definition of lust is to have a very strong desire to obtain something, usually something physical like sex, money or attention.

I’ve been doing better with the lust of sex thanks to God — changing my heart and cleansing me of my desire of fornication, porn, and adultery. I restarted my journey back with No Fap, Semen Retention back in Jan 6, 2020. I’ve had times in the past where I went 40+ days, 60+ days and relapsed; but now with this new mindset I have — I am a man that no longer what’s porn so now I have the will to not give in to the flesh thanks to God blessing me with strength to not give in. I’ve also been celibate for over a year now and that’s also has helped me cleanse my spirit/soul from my past life of adultery, fornication and sin.

I am currently 78 days — 2 Months, 18 days into this new lifestyle. I am not saying I don’t have days where I don’t look at women or thoughts don’t pop into my head; I just don’t give those thoughts power to lay to manifest — as soon as they come I realize they aren’t my thoughts and I don’t resonate with them so I usually think of something else or do something to change my thought.

In addition, I’ve also struggled with the lust of food. I wouldn’t say I am gluttonous but I definitely have days where I am just consuming too much without mindfully eating. Not being in tune with my body and just consuming too much; especially since I love sweets. They are my weakness but I know that gluttony is a sin so I have to be strong and listen more to my body and listen to God more when he’s speaking to me about my pre-sin of gluttony.

When you cram your mouth with your favorite ice cream as quickly as you can, you are being gluttonous, that is, excessively greedy. Slow down. As I read this; I can now say I am a sinner of Gluttony and I repent. I’ve definitely have had days where I’ve quickly devoured some of my favorite snacks, entrees as quickly as I could. Even today; I bought a meal and ate it so quick that my stomach hurt for a second because I wasn’t chewing the food all the way.

Although gluttonous usually refers to the greedy consumption of food and drink, it can also be applied to overly hearty appetites of any kind, such as a “gluttonous love of money,” or even a masochistic love of pain, as in the popular phrase “glutton for punishment.” Gluttonous is always used critically, and in the Christian faith especially, gluttony is considered one of the seven deadly sins

Gluttony (Latin: gula, derived from the Latin gluttire meaning “to gulp down or swallow”) means over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink. Called one of the seven deadly sins, gluttony is characterized by a limitless appetite for food and drink and overindulgence to the point where one is no longer eating just to live, but rather living to eat.

Ask yourself what things are you LUSTFUL after in your life? Then, ask yourself if those things are benefiting you or harming you? Do you think lust can be beneficial? Lastly, repent for your sins of Lust and get saved because we are in the last days.

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