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Bad Food + Bad Weather = SICK

It’s about that time! Winter is HERE! Well not yet but it’s right around the corner & when winter comes: it comes with a BIG BANG.

Mostly importantly; if you live in a place where the sun hibernates for eternity in the winter than you should continue reading.

I’m in Chicago & the winter here is HORRIFIC

When the sun is blocked out; we are not getting our daily intake of vitamin D which is important for a healthy immune system. That’s why so many people get sick in the winter due to lower levels of vitamin D.

In addition to the lower levels of vitamin D, you have the bad food meaning processed foods, low nutrient foods, fried foods, oily foods, candy, chips, sodas and many other poor nutrient foods.

These foods in combination with low levels of vitamin D equals sickness. Because your body is not getting the nutrient it needs and your immune system isn’t able to fight off the toxins and pathogens. When your nutrition is inadequate; your immune system is compromised.


If you want to prevent sickness; you need to indulge in fruits and vegetables. They will provide you will all the nutrition you need to help your body fight off the toxins. In addition, but you some supplemental vitamin D for the winter.

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