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August Challenge

For the whole month of August; I haven’t been listening to any kind of music intentionally. I can’t control others, so if I visit a spot or family member and they are playing music; I can’t force them to stop.

I decided to take upon this challenge because music is information. Music is food to the soul so we can need to be aware of what we feed our temple. Nutrition isn’t only what we eat. It is also what we hear. So we need to pay attention to what we are listening to because it plays a huge role on your conscious and subconscious.

So far I am 15 days into this challenge. The first couple of days was a challenge because I was so programmed to wanting to listen to music. I would catch myself in the moment of almost listening to a music video while I am on YouTube. I did watch one video but I wasn’t aware it was a music video until halfway in. That hasn’t happened again though.

Things I Have Been Listening To

  1. Mantras/Affirmations

  2. Instrumentals

  3. Speeches

  4. Podcasts

  5. Nature

  6. Watching random videos on YouTube on a vast amount of topics

Beware of what you are listening to. Beware of what you’re feeding your temple.

Who’s going to join the challenge for the rest of August? 16 days to go

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