Are you too LOYAL?

*information obtained from a “The Potter’s House of Fort Worth”

People remain loyal in relationships that are hurting them due to wanting to be LOYAL.

They are staying LOYAL to relationships because of the past meaning because they have history; people stay loyal to individuals because their share a history.

Sometimes people force others to be loyal to them even though those individuals aren’t ready to be loyal. This leads to detrimental relationships because someone feels that they are doing more than the other and it’s more of a take relationship than a give and take relationship.

DID YOU KNOW: your life could be impacted in a negative way by associating or being loyal to people who are attached to their past. Meaning your life could be put on hold because you are loyal to people who don’t want to let go of their past; you are loyal to individuals who seem like their moving but they are only moving in circles.

So, when you are loyal to people, you need to check their direction. Meaning you need to check and see if they are settled: Ask them some questions like

  1. Do they have a lot of insecurities?

  2. Do they know their purpose?

  3. Do they know themselves?

DID YOU KNOW: Loyalty has boundaries

Every relationship should and must have boundaries because boundaries show respect.

Ask yourself: Do you appreciate the value of a boundary?

BEWARE! Sometimes when individuals get upset they start to erase all boundaries which shows you that they don’t appreciate or value the boundary. They feel that their anger overrules the boundary.

KNOW: a boundary means that I won’t go beyond this point


  1. Loyalty & Faithfulness isn’t the same

  2. Everybody’s that’s in your life isn’t loyal to you

  3. I am only connected to you through someone else so I’m not loyal to you because I don’t really know you

  4. Loyalty reveals the power of resolution

Sometimes God will keep you in individuals life even when they don’t have anything to offer you.

Ask: what are you called to be? What are you called to give them?

You are loyal to that relationship because God has called you to be.

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