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Are you in tune? Are you able to produce from Earth ?

I went to this event and the keynote speaker was the legendary “Rhymefest” and he said something that stuck out like a pinky toe getting hit on a bed frame. (That stuff is tragic)

Rhymefest said: “ you must know how to produce from the earth”

What do you think he means when he says “producing from the earth”?

My thinking was being able to use the resources provided by Earth and creating something that will be beneficial to you or others. Doing this you’ll always be employed as long as the earth is producing. You don’t need to rely on anything else by Mother Nature.

A list of people who produce from earth:

  1. Farmers

  2. Herbalists

  3. Knitters

  4. Cooks/Chefs

  5. Carpenters

  6. The list goes on………

So ask yourself; are you in tune? Are you able to produce from the earth? If not, would you like to be?

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