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Active Listening Skills

Everyone thinks they are a good listener but actually they are a good HEARER.

Often (everyone including me) we are only hearing others and not actually listening. We are most often hearing to respond and not active listening.

Active Listening

  1. Don’t interrupt, disagree, evaluate or judge

  2. Don’t assume or jump to conclusions

  3. Responds

  4. Paraphrase what they have heard so they communicator know that they were active listening

  5. Ask questions to get a better understanding because if not that can lead to misunderstanding and confusion which leads to miscommunicationMirroring | often mimicking the other person words or gestures

According to works911, The purpose of mirroring is in, essence, to improve rapport with another person by imitating the other person’s physical positions and mannerisms, and/or imitating the other person’s verbal approach and style.

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