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Acidosis makes the body sick

When it comes to being healthy and maintaining your health. We need to focus on the pH balance of foods and even the pH level of our blood.

Our body helps us maintain a balance through homeostasis. Homeostasis “is the ability of a system to stay in balance by self-regulating. The body’s way of maintaining pH balance is homeostasis.

However, when homeostasis isn’t working correctly, it disrupts the normal balance in the body. A condition called acidosis may occur when blood levels become acidic from an over indulgence of hydrogen ions. Usually caused by mineral deficiency in the body and can result in development of chronic diseases.


  1. INTERFERING WITH ENZYMES – Enzymes only perform correctly when the pH levels are stable

  2. BODY BECOMES SICK WHEN ACIDS ARE PRESENT WITHIN TISSUES – If the acids are not stabilized by alkaline nutrients, that can result in painful inflammation and even cause tissues to harden. In addition, acidosis can lower your white blood cells production which lowers your able to fight infections

  3. DEPLETE ALKALINE MINERALS – Alkaline minerals are used to stabilize acids in the body. A loss of minerals can affect any organs because alkaline minerals are stored all over the body in tissues. Demineralization can cause bones to lose their calcium, teeth to become brittle, joints to become inflamed, and hair to fall out.

DID YOU KNOW: Reversing Acidosis is possible, however you’ll need to eliminate sugar, alcohol, processed foods, sodas and increase water consumption (spring water) w/ alkaline nutrient-dense Whole Foods.

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