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Accept People As They Are

One of the bad sides of me is that I have become aware of is that I was very controlling. I always wanted to control my environment; which made me want to control the people who are in my life or who have come into my life. Doing this makes you unable to enjoy the people who come into your life due to your wanting to control them and have them fit your way of thinking.

Becoming aware of this has been a huge wake up call for me. Because I thought that what I was doing was bad and I was just trying to help people. My intention wasn’t bad but it was unsolicited advice; they didn’t ask for help. I was just helping because I felt like it was something I needed to do.

Now I realize that if someone wanted my help, they would have simply asked for it. So now I am on the journey of enjoying the people in my life, the people I come across and the people who will come in the future. No longer do I want to control people; I rather enjoy them. Enjoy the things they bring into my life and just live in the moment.

You wanting to control can cause breakups, misunderstanding and can just bring toxicity to relationships. This can happen because you wanting to control someone limits them from being themselves and if they can’t be themselves they will lose themselves which can lead to misunderstanding between you too which leads to bad communication and so on…… So basically just let others be. Enjoy them while you can.

My goal is to only give when asked and to just let others be. Enjoy life and enjoy the people in it.

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