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A Safer Squat

If you’re struggling with back squats & front squats or you just want to switch up your squat routine. Zercher Squats are OUTSTANDING !

This squat variations blasts your quads, glutes, and hamstrings while simultaneously reducing compression on the spine.

  1. Zercher Squats was created in the 1930s by strongman Ed Zercher

  2. Instead of having the bar on the delts or upper back, the Zercher positions the bar in the crook of the elbows

  3. Zercher Squats takes pressure off the spine and lower back and recruits the biceps and core as you squat

CAUTION: The bar isn’t comfortable when it’s in the crossing of the elbows. So if you can’t take the pain, I suggest putting a pad or towel on the bar.

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