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8 Characteristics of Demons

Demons are persons without bodies. The distinguish between the flesh and demons (evil-spirits) is that the flesh was descended from Adam and demons are anyone/anything that wants to keep you from God.

“ A lot of so called Christians ( I am not into religion because I believe it’s used to control the masses but I am a believer of God — Creator — Jesus Christ) are in the hands of demons because they don’t forgive. Which the Bible clearly says to do; plus when you hold grudge/hate/envy and also this negative energy/emotions they block your blessing from God.

So you may be wondering, what are the eight characteristics of demons

  1. Entice — enticed to do evil (often comes in words) anything that comes in words from a person is a demon — demons can control your thoughts/actions if you let them

  2. Harass — demons harass you all dayS the demons of anger comes in and takes over your actions/words/thoughts

  3. Torment — demons torment you spiritually; demons torment you emotionally with fear; demons torment you physically with all sorts of illnesses/sicknesses

  4. Compel — make us do things we don’t want to do

  5. Enslave — people can sin and then stop winning they they decide but sometimes people become enslaved to their sins ( alcoholic, gamblers or addicts) (compel + enslaved = addiction and every addiction is demonic)

  6. Defile — demons makes us feel dirty and unclean; they project evil, impure images, thoughts, words into our minds

  7. Deceive — behind all forms of religion is deception which is used to control the masses and someone even promote hate amongst others (Timothy 4:1 “ in the last times. Some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirts and things taught by demons”)

  8. Make people weak, wicked tired — Did You Know that there is a spirit of slumber

So now that you know that eight characteristics; now we can talk about the main areas where demons operate. Emotions & Attitudes — behind every negative/emotional attitude there is a corresponding demon.

Common Names of Demons:

Pride, Rebellion, Witchcraft/Occult, Fear/Rejection

Now, that you are aware of the characteristics; it’s time to eliminate those demons out of your life. They don’t belong and you have power to eliminate them. Just ask God for your help!

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