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5 Habits 4 Optimal Health

  1. Fitness “Move It or Lose It” — we need to keep our bodies moving. We weren’t created to be stationary; that’s why so many office workers face tons of health problems. In addition, exercise controls weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and releases stress.

  2. Sleep “ Get Those Zs” — a good night sleep will generate a well rested minded which will help your body perform its best. Rest rejuvenates your body and mind so thy can perform at their highest levels as God created.

  3. Hydration “ H20 (S/O Billy Madison) — since our body is 70% water; water is an essential element in our life. Water helps prevent fatigue, helps lubricate muscles , prevent strains, flushes waste and keeps you cool.

  4. Nutrition “What are you consuming? “— as they say; you are what you consume! So you need to ask yourself what are you feeding your mind, ears, eyes, nose and mouth. Nutrition isn’t just what you eat; it’s what you watch, read, listen to, surround yourself in, what you smell and what you touch.

  5. Stress management “ relieve yourself” — we all need a way to relive the stress we have in our daily lives because when you do it helps you prevent diseases, improves relationships and increase life expectancy. So ask yourself how are you managing your stress and if you aren’t; I recommend trying out some ways to do so.

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