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$25 Nutrition Guide

I created a Nutrition Guide to help people obtain optimal health. This nutrition guide breaks down the true definition of nutrition, how to obtain optimal health through nutrition and explains the importance of nutrition.

In addition, you’ll receive:

  1. Groceries List | Foods you should be buying at the store; which would help you obtain optimal health

  2. Healthy Habits Article| A list healthy habits, once you master your habits, you can master your life. Habits become your REALITY.

  3. Nutrition 101 Article | Breaking down what nutrition really is and how to obtain optimal health through by

  4. Meal Plan 101 Article | helps those who need help with meal planning so they can those results they desire

  5. Foods that HEAL Article | List of Foods that can heal certain areas of the body

  6. All Water Isn’t Equal Article | explaining that all Water isn’t the same.

  7. What Vitamins/Minerals Do For You? Article | explaining the importance of getting your vitmains and Minerals & how they benefit the body

  8. Things 2 Know About Protein Article | learn the truth about protein & how you can’t really be protein deficient

  9. Sleep Deprivation 101 Article |learn why it’s important to REST and how sleep deprivation can harm you

  10. Stuck with Lbs. Article | learn why certain people become stuck with weight and how to battle that

24/7 Email Support | if you have any questions, concerns or want to provide feedback.


Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing a nutrition guide.

Payments Options:

  1. $CashApp | $tezfitness

  2. Venmo | TezFitness or Cortez Wallace

  3. PayPal | TezFitness PayPal

  4. Optional: I can send you an invoice using square; just send me an email 📧 and I’ll send it your way.

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