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The Story of Healing Liquids

Healing Liquids began when I switched to an alkaline lifestyle and became interested in herbs. I now know a lot more about the various herbs and the advantages they provide. I went on various kinds of fasts (water, spices/tea, raw vegan and dry) to become familiar with my body and permit it to detox and mend itself. I now have a herb compartment at home to make natural teas when needed or desired. 

Healing Liquids Mission

 To assist with educating others about the mending power regarding spices ,

while being a source so they can buy them.


9 Different Juice Flavors
3 Flavors of Ades
8 Different Tea Flavors
2 Juice Boxes | 1 Ade' Box

100% Alkaline & 100% Organic

        Juices | Ades | Teas

Product Coming Soon....

Herbal Teas

8 varieties of herbal teas
Tea Box

100% Loose-Leaf Tea

Product Coming Soon....

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