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Self Love is KEY.

Rely on Yourself Before Anyone Else

The Story of DO4SELF

Empowering Others One Event at a Time

I have a passion for teaching. I love teaching people about various topics to empower them. Typically the things we learn in school aren't as empowering as they should be or they are just being taught to us to learn but not to understand. I say that because schools are product-driven so teachers can't really spend as much time as they would like, because they have goals to reach. 


Society has taught us to rely on others rather than relying on ourselves.

We aren't taught cooking, gardening, building, and many other empowering skills that would benefit us in life. We seek to foster self-empowerment through cooking classes, seminars, events, workshops and tours. 

Interested in hosting a cooking class, seminar, event or workshop?

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